Wireless Headphones Don’t Work With the RES 07–08 Acura MDXs

Posted on 03 December 2013 by admin

Download Don’t Work With the RES 07–08 Acura MDXs – Got a vehicle in your shop because the wireless headphones don’t work with the RES, although they work just fine with the AM/FM radio, XM radio, or the in-dash disc changer? The digital audio lead, the digital sublead, or both could be the culprit. The for the wireless headphones is supplied by these leads to the rear controller and screen, which contains infrared sensors that transmit the digital signal to the headphones. If either the lead or the sublead isn’t securely plugged in at each end, or the lead or the sublead itself is bad, you can wind up with this problem. To check for and fix this problem, here’s what you need to do: 1. Refer to pages 23-112 and 23-113 of the ’07–08 MDX S/M, and enter the self-diagnostic function. (Online, enter keyword HEADPHONES and select Wireless headphones do not work . . . from the list.) 2. From the Diagnosis Menu on the overhead screen, select 1. CONNECT. Check the DIGITAL OUT status. • If you see NG in a red box, go to step 3. • If you see OK in a green box, continue with normal troubleshooting. 3. Check the lead’s connector at the rear controller and screen, and make sure that it’s securely plugged in. Refer to page 23-134 of the S/M for details. (Online, enter keywords REAR CONTROLLER, and select Rear Controller and Screen Removal/Installation from the list.) • If NG in the red box now changes to OK in a green box, you’ve fixed the problem. Play a in the player and listen for audio in the headphones just to make sure. • If you still see NG in the red box, go to step 4.

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