Harsh Shifting Automatic Transmission 1997-99 Honda CR-V

Posted on 16 December 2013 by admin

Download Harsh Shifting Automatic Transmission 1997-99 Honda CR-V – REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist. 2. Drain the transmission. Refill it with Genuine Honda ATF-Z1. 3. Start the engine. 4. With your foot on the brake pedal, shift the transmission to D4 5. Release the brake pedal. Press on the accelerator, and bring the speedometer up to 50 mph. Make sure the transmission shifts through the first three lower gears and into fourth, and that the torque converter locks up. 6. Apply the brakes to stop the front wheels. 7. Shift to reverse, and then to neutral. 8. Repeat the shifting procedure (steps 4 through 7) four more times. 9. Turn off the engine. 10. Repeat the above drain, refill, and shifting procedure (steps 2 through 9) two more times. 11. Drain the transmission. Reinstall the drain bolt with a new washer. Refill the transmission with Genuine Honda ATF-Z1. 12. Disconnect the linear solenoid electrical connector. Remove the mounting bolts, then remove the linear solenoid. 13. Inspect the linear solenoid mounting surface on the transmission. Remove any contamination. 14. Install the new linear solenoid. Reconnect the electrical connector. 15. Use the PGM Tester to erase any DTCs in the powertrain control module (PCM).

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