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Servicing Intake Manifold 2002-2003 Saturn VUE

Posted on 11 April 2013 by admin

Download Servicing Intake Manifold 2002-2003 Saturn VUE  – Condition Some customers may comment on the (MIL) SERVICE ENGINE SOON telltale being illuminated. (DTC(s) P0171 – Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1 and/or DTC P0174 – Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2 may be set and stored in the ECM memory.) Cause This condition may be caused by insufficient torque on the intake manifold vacuum chamber bolts. Under deceleration, enough vacuum can be created inside the intake manifold to lift the vacuum chamber off it’s seal creating an intermittent vacuum leak. Correction Refer to the service procedure in this bulletin to retorque the intake manifold vacuum chamber bolts and install the vacuum chamber springs. Procedure: Notice: When servicing intake manifold, do not use power tools. Damage to threads or manifold may occur. 1. Loosen clamp at air cleaner assembly and throttle body assembly. 2. Remove attachment bolts from outlet resonator/duct assembly. 3. Remove outlet resonator/duct assembly. 4. Remove outlet resonator/duct assembly bracket from manifold. 5. Remove 16 (10 around outside, 6 on inside) intake manifold top cover bolts and cover. 6. Remove vacuum chamber and apply Loctite™ 242, P/N 21485277 (in Canada, P/N 12345382), or equivalent, to the bolts and reinstall.

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