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MIL On With P0340/P0345 (CMP Sensor) 03-05 Nissan

Posted on 17 March 2012 by admin

Download MIL On With P0340/P0345 (CMP Sensor) 03-05 Nissan – IF YOU CONFIRM: A MIL ON with DTC P0340 (CMP Sensor Bank 1) and/or P0345 (CMP Sensor Bank 2), and/or The engine is hard to start when warm, but starts OK when the engine is cold. NOTE: “Hard start” is engine crank time that is longer then 3 seconds. • If you only have DTC P0340, replace only Bank 1 CMP (Camshaft Position) Sensor. • If you only have DTC P0345, replace only Bank 2 CMP (Camshaft Position) Sensor. • If you have both codes, replace both sensors. • For a “hard to start warm” incident, replace both sensors, even if you have no codes. Refer to sections EC and EM in the correct Service Manual for sensor replacement information. If replacement of the sensors does not solve your incident, go back to ASIST for further diagnostic and repair information.

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