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Sending Units & Sensors Location 2002 Kia Spectra

Posted on 12 October 2012 by admin

Download Sending Units & Sensors Location 2002 Kia Spectra  – Air Quality Sensor At center front of engine compartment. Camshaft Position Sensor On rear of cylinder head. See Fig. 1 . Chassis Acceleration Sensor At right rear side of engine compartment. Crankshaft Position Sensor On left front side of transaxle. See Fig. 1 . Engine Coolant Temperature On top rear of engine, near thermostat. See Fig. 1 . Sensor Fuel Tank Unit On top of fuel tank, below rear seat cushion. Hot Film Airflow Sensor On end of air intake hose, at air cleaner housing. See Fig. 1 . Knock Sensor Near center rear of engine compartment, on intake manifold support bracket. O2 Sensor (Down) On front exhaust pipe, downstream of warm-up TWC converter. O2 Sensor (Up) On exhaust manifold, upstream of warm-up TWC converter. Speed Sensor On top of transaxle. Thermocon Behind glove box, on HVAC assembly. See Fig. 2 . Throttle Position Sensor On throttle body. See Fig. 1 . Turbine Sensor (A/T) On top rear of transaxle. Wheel Speed Sensor (Left Front) Attached to left front hub spindle. Wheel Speed Sensor (Left Rear) Attached to left rear hub spindle. Wheel Speed Sensor (Right Attached to right front hub spindle. Front) Wheel Speed Sensor (Right Rear) Attached to right rear hub spindle.

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